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Our Vidya (Education) Sansthan vertical aims at empowering our society with the most powerful and crucial assets of all eras – education, knowledge and wisdom.


Adhering to the social and governmental regulations of the geography wherever we intend to offer this service, we look forward to envelop a vast area of value proposition including establishment, initial logistics, operations and management of schools and libraries – both physical and digital. Besides academics, we wish to concentrate keenly on uplifting our fellow beings in the sports, arts and cultural front as well. Please visit our events page for information on educational events for all.  


Rightly said from ages, Arogya (Health) is the true Wealth.

We wish to ensure among all our fellow beings, a safe and sound health. With this motive, we are coming up with a series of health initiatives tied to areas such as establishment, operation and management of several health care and wellness centers across the globe, for free of cost to common man. Also, we are planning to fortify the academics and education related to health and health care – prevention is always better than cure, and a better cure always includes preventive measures and medicine!

Wellness is a derivative of sound health and education ('Vidya'). in these testing times, we are making every attempt to restore wellness in the community by conducting a range of events  - check out our events page for more details. 



Nature ("Srushti") is the greatest gift to mankind and belongs to no single being but to everyone.


While it is our privilege to enjoy the beauty, comfort and amenities of nature, it is also our responsibility to maintain it well, undisturbed or unspoiled. It's more like, we are Tenants on our Planet - we came here to live in this beautiful home called 'Earth', and we have to hand it over to our future generations in the same condition that we got it in, if not better.

Through our nature conservation programs, we are trying to recover earth from damages caused by mankind or from calamities. Check out our events page for more information. 

wanna give back? | join our team!


Volunteering for a good cause gives you and us, a deep sense of satisfaction, joy and courage. Best of all, it helps the needy and instills an instinct in them to do the same to their fellow beings. 

Join the team, be the pioneer of this chain of change!

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